What should be considered before conducting user research?

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User research is essential to any web design project, as your users should be the focus of your site design. To make sure the design of your website is spot on and optimised to give you maximum conversions, it’s important you know your users behaviours and goals.

User research is part of the initial planning stage, but it also needs some planning of its own. To make sure you get the most relevant data from your research, you need to know exactly what results you need to get and how you plan to use them.

Quantitative vs qualitative results

To get the best and most accurate results from your user research, you need to combine both quantitative and qualitative results. It’s important to pre-plan how you intend to conduct your research and what type of results it will give you.

Quantitative research will allow you to collect bulk data that will highlight certain patterns and trends in user behaviour. For example, the number of site users in a month would be classed as quantitative data.

Once you’ve collected your quantitative results, you can then use qualitative results to drill down further. Once you’ve collected the number of site users in a month (quantitative) you can then take a closer look and find out where those users have come from, how they move around your site and more. This is classed as qualitative data.

Decide how you plan to get both forms of results and how you can use the two together to get a better insight into your site users.

What information do you need for your landing page design?

With any research, you need to know what information you are trying to collect from your users. Are you looking to see how site users interact differently with the mobile version of your site rather than desktop? Do you want to know where the best place to put your main CTA is?

Planning what results you are looking for will help you focus your research, which in turn could save you time and money in the long run. It will also help you create a more effective design that is more likely to convert and create revenue.

How will your user research progress over time?

User research should always be conducted at the beginning of any web design project, but it shouldn’t end as soon as the site has been designed and pushed live.

Planning how your user research and insight will progress over time will help you narrow down your initial focus. Everything doesn’t have to be done all in one go and here at Channel D, we can help with continuing customer insight, helping you identify new user motivations and ever changing behaviours.

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