Recommendations Will Help You Sell More Products

In Ideas by Oliver Strange

If you’re offering products or services on your website, there is an easy way to boost sales. Provide recommendations on which product to buy. In our experience, supported by this study, we’ve seen that 45% of UK shoppers admit to checking out with the recommended products displayed at the point of sale. This creates great opportunity when designing how you display your products.


How do I Give Recommendations?

There are different ways you can recommend products. Draw attention to a product by displaying it in a larger size than the other products on the page. Amazon uses this technique effectively on their homepage. Adding, “we recommend” above the product can also give the same effect.

conversion recommendations products

First product is larger than the others displayed

product recommendation

What Should I Recommend?

A study from invesp shows that 56% of online users are more likely to return to a site that offers recommendations. To take advantage of this, recommendations need to appeal to the user. Categories that are often effective include:

  • Similar items- items similar to recent views or buys reflect the user’s interests so are likely to be purchased.
  • Best sellers- showing the user what others have been buying could encourage the user to buy those products.
  • Featured products- showing something new could interest the user to click on it and possibly buy.
  • Offers and deals- discounts make the product far more likely to sell and recommending these improves the chances of the user buying it.
  • Buy and save- deals such as “3 for 2” are often effective.
  • Other effective categories include: new arrivals, recently viewed products and top reviewed products.

product recommendation sales

Recommendations can be a very important addition your website. They can increase your sales and keep users interested. By simply following the advice above your website can reach its full potential.